Jerrin S. PADRE, Author

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Jerrin is currently wrapping up her senior year at the University of Washington studying Speech & Hearing Sciences and Entrepreneurship. From a long background in theatre and performing arts to her now scientific and business focused academic pursuits, much of Jerrin's work centers around a love for telling stories.

Her expansive range of interests and experiences, coupled with a love for writing, fueled her desire to help children tell a meaningful story with their own lives. In addition to bringing Bo & Whimsy to life, Jerrin works as a Marketing Specialist, Content Strategist, and Nanny.  In her free time, she likes to make music, cook, dance, and spend quality time with her near and dear ones. 


Chawin Lertsachanant, Illustrator

At 16, Chawin left his hometown in Thailand to attend high school and college in the U.S. He studied Fine Arts and Business at the University of Washington and worked as a freelance photographer/illustrator for the school’s newspaper. Passionate about landscape photography, the Pacific Northwest became his second home.

While in college, Chawin also ran the Thai Student  Association at UW (ThaiSA-UW), helping spread Thai culture throughout the Seattle community. In his free time, Chawin loves grabbing a couple friends to hit the slopes or go on a spontaneous road trip whenever he can.