Michael Jacobson

It has been scientifically proven that excessive screen time can have irreversible effects on children, especially those ranging from 3-10 years old.

Bo and Whimsy offers an amazing way to help parents, or anyone really, explain the difficult topic of screen time. The illustrations are carefully crafted and offer a sense of nostalgia to parents reading the book to their children as well.

Overall, I give this book an eleven out of ten, and can't wait to read it to my children.

Emily Sandan, CEO/Founder
Wax and Seal CO.

Pre-order this book for your young ones now. Make it their "something they read" gift! While I am a technologist - I want my son Wyatt:

1) To read tactile books
2) make + create with materials
3) make knee-holes in his pants
4) arrive to his daily evening shower earning it! like the sweat ball he is!

This story celebrates the above and also acknowledges the tools of the digital world. Buy it for your children or a child that you may know. But more importantly READ it with them

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Study Therapy, Inc.

In addition to the relevant and contemporary subject this book covers, the illustrations and writing style make it worth the read alone. "Get your kid's off the iPad" has been such a hot topic  in the past decade, and now there's finally a book to help kids realize there's more out there than swiping away at a screen. Parents don't have to be the bad guy anymore too! This book is a vital tool for any great parent to have.